Tuesday, February 17, 2015

How to seal your Natural Stone Countertops

· Remove everything from the Granite countertops so all surfaces  can be CLEANED and SEALED at the same time. Thoroughly wash all granite surfaces with hot soapy water, wipe dry and leave the surface overnight so any remaining moisture evaporates from stone before you seal it.

· Spray or pour the Liquid Granite Sealer on the countertop, working in 3 foot sections. Use a soft cloth to spread the sealer on the granite. Allow the sealer to set for one or two minutes depending upon the manufactures direction on the label. The granite sealer penetrates into the stone to seal and protect the stone from absorbing grease and other liquids.

· Wipe The granite surface dry and repeat two or three times depending on the type of granite. Light color granites need extra coats of sealer these are usually more porous then  dark granite. Some black granites are so dense in texture that sealing often isn’t necessary.

 · The granite countertops will need to be resealed once every 12 to 18 months depending on use. Harsh cleaning products can cause the sealer to weaken and will need to be reseals more frequently. The same thing will occur if acidic fruits and vegetables are chopped regularly on the granite countertop.

· An easy way to tell in your sealer is working is to check for water absorption. If water beads up on the countertop, then the granite still sealed. Another way to check is by laying a damp cloth on the granite and leave it overnight. If the granite is noticeably darker in that area, then the granite needs to be sealed again.

· Buy a good stone Polisher. Polish helps keep the granite surface clean and protect until it’s sealed again. Some granites will begin to feel slightly rough on the surface between polishes. A good quality stone polish enhances the shine.

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